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muse: our patented process

The typical consumer makes purchase decisions largely based on emotion, and later conforms those choices to some level of internal rationalization. This is why campaigns need to appeal to the emotional “why” of a product and provide the facts to support the feelings that guided the choice. In that order. 

The Muse Process is based on the 4 Pillars of Story: People, Place, Purpose, and Plot. Maximizing each pillar is the key to developing a story that is engaging, felt, remembered, and compels action.

The "P" you prioritize will determine how your story feels. We believe (and the research shows) that crafting stories with a people-first approach maximizes your potential for connection and action. 

You’ll find that our stories usually have one primary character that guides you through relevant places, via a compelling plot, delivering you to the ultimate purpose of the message. 

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