We feel that by leveraging our collective strengths as storytellers we can benefit the community in stronger ways than simply sending a check in the mail. So each year we produce a pro bono film that tells the story of someone who is making a positive impact in the world today.

This led us to the heart of the story Teresa Goines, founder of Old Skool Cafe. The youth-run supper club is an oasis for teens in one of San Francisco's roughest neighborhoods. There the kids run the show and while doing so they learn a host of skills—business, serving, cooking, and performing—that help them transition into a more empowered adulthood.

Right from the beginning, we knew we’d have to go deep. These young adults aren’t always used to being cared about, but as we built a relationship with them, learned about their histories, their dreams, and earned their trust, the stories in our minds began to bloom.

We developed a powerful set of characters to represent the diversity (one of our keywords) of their backgrounds, as well as in their collective hopes for the future. The goal for this film was to encourage donors to support, for patrons to dine, and for the organization to increase its visibility through media outlets such as CNN.

Stillmotion developed the story and its creative direction, and directed, produced, filmed, and edited this short film.