We have a love/hate relationship with documentaries. With so much potential for powerful messages, they’re often approached from a dry perspective that isn’t very artful. What if documentaries could be just as exciting as a Hollywood narrative?

We believe that a well told story can change the world.

When we took on our first original feature-length documentary, one that was centered on the topic of slavery, we knew we had to use a different approach—one that would tackle the challenges that come with such a heavy topic. No one wants to watch a documentary on modern slavery.

So instead of making a purpose-first film (like most documentaries) we lead with a singular person (as reflected in our keyword One) in the inspiring story of a compassionate 9-year old girl in San Francisco. We followed her quest to end child slavery via her lemonade stand.

In pre-production we planned to create the film so it looked bright and beautiful, providing light (another keyword) to help balance such a dark issue. And by flipping the convention upside down we were able to tell the story through her eyes, creating an instant connection to our main character and letting her take our audience to the purpose.

What we didn’t want was a dark film about child slavery. We needed to tell an inspirational story of the power of one little girl to make a significant difference, and prove to the audience that EVERYONE has that power.

That's a story people can rally behind. That's the story people want to watch. That's the story that influences social change.

This is our first original feature-length documentary. Produced, directed, scripted, filmed, and edited entirely by Stillmotion.