In lieu of a traditional B2B case study, this is a story-driven approach to showing WHY (not how) one business uses the services of another.

Team Rubicon is an organization that unites the skills of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams worldwide. They have 30,000 volunteers who need to be trained, vetted, coordinated, and appropriately deployed in order to deliver on their promise. No small feat.

Enter Cornerstone, our client. Cornerstone makes training software (among other HR products) that helps organizations like Team Rubicon propel their mission.

OUR mission was to tell a story that was anything but corporate. We needed to go people-first instead of purpose-first, which is why we dug deep into the personal story of one such veteran, and his journey to find himself again.

While it’s important for the intended audience (HR professionals) to connect with this film, to bring additional brand awareness and loyalty to Cornerstone, we aimed to create a film that anyone could connect with. Employers, employees, the public at large.

Concept developed, produced, directed, filmed, and edited by Stillmotion.