Approached by CBS/Showtime to produce a short film for Super Bowl XLIX, we were entrusted with a tremendous amount of creative freedom. We don’t take that lightly.

For nearly half a century, Aunt Jane sat behind a sewing machine at the Wilson factory in the small town of Ada, Ohio. There, she dedicated her entire career to sewing footballs for the NFL. The unassuming yet remarkable woman has had a hand in sewing footballs for every single Super Bowl since the tradition began in 1967.

“The Final Stitch” follows her story of pride and precision, exploring a life that day-in, day-out was committed to one seemingly small act—an act done with such loyalty, such selflessness that it came to define her legacy.

In “The Final Stitch” we watch as now-retired Aunt Jane's reaches for her dream—to step onto the field where her life's work spends the rest of its life making history.

Stillmotion developed the creative direction and produced, directed, scripted, filmed, and edited the feature for CBS/Showtime.