A particularly challenging undertaking – from the initial call from Cartoon Network, we had one week to research, develop creative, and produce this piece.

During that inaugural call, Cartoon Network’s CMO explained that the network and Lego had been collaborating for years, and that they were about to apply to host a panel discussion at SXSW. And they needed an application video STAT.

Their biggest challenge over the years has been explaining to others why exactly the two companies collaborate. When this was revealed, all we could hear was ding ding ding: conflict! Because every good film needs conflict to drive a journey, it was exactly what we needed to kickoff an extremely tight brainstorm.

And what began as a request for an interview-based mini-doc about the two companies became a short little comedy that we were sure would grab the attention of SXSW’s judges.

We’re proud to say that out of 5000 panelist applications, CN + LEGO were selected to host. :) Creative direction, producing, direction, scripting, filming, and post by Stillmotion.